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  • You must have Earned income on your return to receive any type of refund

  • The ”Covid 2019 lookback provision” will no longer be available to use as earned income

  • Child Tax Credit will return to the 2020 laws of $2,000 per child and $1,400 of that being refundable.

  • Child Tax Credit max age will no longer be 17. This will return to the 2020 law when the max age was 16 for kids 16 years old on December 31, 2022

  • Earned Income Credit for single taxpayers without kids will return to 2020 law rules of 25 years of age and over and no longer 19 years of age and over

  • No stimulus credits are available to be claimed for the 2022 tax year

  • Dependent Care Credit or Daycare Credit will no longer be 50% refundable. The 2020 tax laws apply with 20%-30% being refundable and $3000 for 1 child or $6000 for 2 children

  • Multiple people can file Head of Household

  • *****Many Refund Amounts Will Be Lower Than Previous Years Due to the New Laws*****

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